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How Blind and Bright

The Sun as Revealed by Telescope and Spectroscope. (Trouvelot.) From Annals of Harvard College Observatory, 1899.

Light, visibility of light,
Sun, visibility of sun,
Light, sun and seeing,
Visibility of men.

How blind is bright!
How blind is bright!

Eyes looking out for eyes
Meet only seeing, in common faith,
Visibility and brightness.

Night, invisibility of light,
No sun, invisibility of sun,
Eyes in eyes sheltered,
Night, night and night.
All light, all fire, all eyes,
Wrapt in one conference of doubt.

Eyes not looking out for eyes
Look inward and meet sight
In common loneliness,
Invisibility and darkness.

How bright is blind!
How bright is blind!

Riding, Laura. The Poems of Laura Riding. New York: Persea, 1980. p. 24.

image found in
Todd, David. A New Astronomy. New York: American Book Company, 1906. Plate II. p.11.


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